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Most of the originals are buyable. Please use the contact.

Beside the originals the cartograhic designs of the landscapes are buyable as high-quality reproductions with signature .


new catalogue

Benjamin Vogel
Bei Nacht und Nebel
Mit einem Textbeitrag von Ralph Güth

Norderstedt 2014
ISBN 978-3-7386-0566-2

21 x 21 cm, 64 sides with 46 pictures.

Benjamin Vogel invents since 10 years by means of cartography, mathematical construction and peinture  mountain landscapes. His new catalogue shows the 18-piece serial "Bei Nacht und Nebel" inclusive her cartographic and constructive development. The catalogue is completed by a introduction of Ralph Güth.

The catalogue is for 23,90 € (print) or 6,99 € (e-book)  at the german booktrade or at all german onlineshops buyable.

If you contact me directly, you can buy the catalogue for 15 € plus shipping.




Dortmunder Schriften zur Kunst
Kataloge und Essays, Band 5

Benjamin Vogel
Landschaften erfinden - Von der Idee zur Karte zum Bild
Mit Textbeiträgen von Klaus-Peter Busse und Nils Büttner

Norderstedt, 2008
ISBN 978-3-8370-5491-0

27 x 19 cm, 108 sides, 60 in colour.

The catalogue is for 29,90 € at the german booktrade or at over 1000 online-shops buyable.
The catalogue is also as a limitated and signated signierte edition inclusive a c-print of the topografic design of landscape for 100 €  (plus forwarding charges) buyable.

If you contact me directly, you can buy the catalogue for 20 € plus shipping.


design of landscape Langseetal
70 x 100 cm

price: 80 €, plus forwarding charges

design of landscape  Langseetal with nomination of places
70 x 100 cm

price: 80 €, plus forwarding charges



Märkische Berge

Benjamin Vogel
Märkische Berge

Katalog, created in cooperation with boesner and KUBOSHOW for the winner of Kunstpreis KUBO 2009.

30 x 21 cm, 36 pages, all coloured

You can get the catalogue here. Contact me, it costs8 € inclusive shipping.

The yellow areas are finished and can be offered for 20 € (each map), plus forwarding charges.

available maps:
B2 - Hengsteysee
B3 - Wallstein/Fröndenstein
B4 - Hoch-Hemer
C2 - Volmestock - Unteres Lennetal
C3 - Märkische Alpe/Märkischer Stein
C4 - Balvenstock
D2 - Oberes Sterbecker Tal
D3 - Hohelle/Altenauer Tal
D4 - Lennestock
E1 - Hohenplanken
E2 - Lüdenscheid - West
E3 - Lüdenscheid - Ost
E4 - Sundhelle
F3 - Listertal