fictitious landscape "Märkische Berge"

The concept "Märkische Berge" operates in a similar way. It doesn't show a pseudo-alpine area, but it is a complete rearrangement of the existing area "Märkischer Kreis" in the Southeast of Dortmund. This concept plays with the association, what would be, if there is an area of unspoiled, alpine nature next to a metropolitan area like the "Ruhrgebiet" with five millions habitants. The problems are obvicious and manifold. Here can't accrue an inviolate ideal landscape. Here are many viewable traces of exploitation and of attempts to protect the nature.

Like at the concept "Langseetal" the conditions of geology and climate are valid. The increase of the Rheinischer Schiefersockel about 1000 m linked with a many hundreds of meter thick bed of limestone constitutes the geological base. That generates a low mountain range like the Vogesen paired with a high- alpine mountain range like the Dolomites. The vegetation corresponds with the local climate, therefore the snow line and limits of vegetation are about 500 m lower as in the Northern Alps. The places in the map are named with names of the real area. I create a map collection of 30 pieces at the scale 1:25000. Until January 2009 if have finished 14 pieces (look at the shop), I have begun, to design views and paint pictures. Finally I would like to create a digital landscape model of this concept.

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